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GSM Controller Systems

Industrial Automation

Remotely controlling and managing devices and systems will have a large influence on modern business processes.
Situations can much faster be acted upon.
Faults will be detected faster and malfunctions will be repaired sooner.
Unnecessary service visits will be reduced, the availability of the systems, and with that the satisfaction of the end-users
will be increased.
Using our products, new services can be developed and simple wireless solutions becomes possible.


Irrigation Monitor and Control

Use GSM Controllers to Remotely monitor and control irrigation systems to minimise downtime and energy wastage.
Faults can be acted on much quicker when you know that they have occured.


Home Automation

Simple, affordable and reliable devices that allows you to make your life easier and attractive ...
... for every single person, and not only for specialists.
Using our GSM Controllers, you can control all home resources (lights, heating, electric appliances, alarm, gates)
by cell, cordless or landline phones.
Our products are very easy to set up and gives you many advantages of security and comfort.


GSM Modem

GSM Terminal 232

The GSM Modem can be used with a PLC or a PC to provide SMS messaging and control via a GSM connection.


GSM Monitoring

Multi-function Home Care Monitor with SMS Alerts

Check that Mum, Dad, Granddad (or Bron) or any relative who lives independently is going about their daily routine. If they are unwell or have had a fall, SeNCit will send you a SMS text message so you can help. SeNCit also checks the room temperature, mains power, night time wandering, door wandering and security and alerts you by SMS if any problems occur.